Plushplex is a toy and accessories shop that specializes in handmade, unique, one of a kind plush creatures, animals, and monsters. Founded circa 2008, Plushplex’s creator, designer R.J. Walton, a life-long lover of toys decided to share his private passion for creating characters and bringing them to life in three-dimensional form. Drawing from the his recollections growing up in the 80’s immersed in the golden-age of toys, comics, and cartoons, Walton has created several well received lines such as The Glum Ninja Bodyguards, Gelatomin, Winston, Hopper-Warren, and Kraken. The designs of Plushplex have been featured twice in back to back issues of Stampington Press’s STUFFED MAGAZINE

Walton aims to aid in bringing back that same fertile playground that colored the 1980’s, that boundless forum for children’s imagination to take flight in. We want kids to be kids again. We want them to believe in Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny for as long as possible and wake up every Saturday morning at 7am to watch cartoons with a bowl of rainbow-colored cereal. While technology and gadgets may have recently replaced colorful dolls and action-figures on the top of the food chain, we feel there is a strong desire and need to create a new generation of characters and toys that will foster the imagination and spark hours of good, old-fashioned play.

The creations found at Plushplex truly embody the spirit we aim to bring forth. They are full of color, adorable, sometimes mysterious, with the occasional drop of creepy. They are the perfect partner for a dinosaur hunting expedition around the backyard, a spelunking trip under the bed, or an impeccably dressed guest at a Sunday afternoon tea-party. Adults can get in on the fun too! Many of Plushplex’s supporters and customers are full grown adults looking to recapture a bit of that childhood whimsy. There are plenty of Glum Ninja Bodyguards guarding the offices of professionals all over the world!